i SLeeP

yep yan ang naging regalo koh sa sarili koh diz christmas... ang matulog... nemen ilang days den atah akong puyat... or weeks? nd always tired... medyo bumawi lang...

my christmas is not as fun tulad non... nde na kc kme nabubuo na as a family... it all started 'bout five yrs. ago i believe... mula nung naging iglesia isang ate koh... well few years before that... nde na ren nakukumpleto cuz 'ung oldest ate koh eh nag-sspend lagi nang pasko sa pinas w/ her bhabe but now andito na hubby nyah eh ang kasunod naman eh 'ung pag-convert nang isang ate koh kc hubby nya iglesia... point koh... so 'unz... wala kcng christmas ang iglesia... so never kmeng nagkukumpleto pag pasko... i won't have christmas until new year... kc don lang kme magkakasama sama uletz w/ my other ate nd her fam... so i'm not as excited w/ christmas as i used to... even d' openin' of gifts eh won't happen till new year... but i know christmas should be all 'bout God.... rememberin' his birth... and celebrating our love for Him... so i guess everyday should be christmas...

we spent our christmas eve on my oldest ate's house... what we did was we had a dinner at nag-open lang nang gifts 'ung mga nieces koh....nag-open lang sila nang few gifts 'ung galing sa ate koh nd bro in law koh... pero d' rest of their gifts will be open on new year's eve... oh yeah we'll be celebrating new year sa house namen... eniweiz so we didn't go home till like 4 a.m. ... 'la akong tulog non... i took a nap juz for a little bit... then pagdating sa haus.... eh nakatulog lang for few hours kc ginising akoh nang nanay koh... why naman?... cuz my babies (my doggies) need to pee pee... kelangan koh palabasin... my mom was like "palabasin moh muna silah then bumalik ka na lang sa tulog" so that's what i did... so i think from 8ish till like almost 4 pm eh tulog akoh... haha.. yonz... halos tulog akoh nang mismong christmas day.... then kumain nang dinner nd nakipagkwentuhan lang kay God while lookin' up d' sky... kc i have a view of d' outside sa dining room namen... it was actually pretty nice... i juz spent a quiet time w/ Him...

*yawn* i think i'm still sleepy... then mga around 10 eh matutulog na naman akoh... haha... gandang pamasko noh... anyhoo... oh yeah i was so tired den d' day before christmas eve cuz i was doin' my last minute shoppin' at downtown namen... oh yeah mag-iisip pa palah akoh nang new year resolution koh cuz it's almost new year... oh yeah that reminded me na i need to clean my room again so pagdating nang new year eh itz all good... but isang resolution koh eh am not gonna try to be so perfect w/ everythin'... i tend to be a little bit perfectionist kc minsan... ang mahirap kc don sa ugaling 'un... pag nde koh nagawa my way... or d way i wanted it... eh i'd rather not do anythin' at all... kinda like on d' extreme... either magawa koh nang bonggang bongga... or wala akong gagawin at all...

anyhoo... blog koh toh?... oh yeah blog koh palah toh... kc usually napapakomentz akoh nang bonggang bongga sa ibang blog pero nde koh nagagawan tumalak sa sarili kong page... kc minsan tinatamad akoh eh... yep been so lazy lately... sobrah.... so yeah... salamat kung may nagbasa man... haha... anyhoo... belated merry christmas to most of u... christmas pa ren samen... nd a blessed new year! =)

labz koh kayong lahat... forealz! thank for bein' part of my life.. naks naman... isang *GROUP HUG*.... take care lagi... nd Godbless! -di

p.s. party w/ friends kc not till next week nd d week after pah... party! party!... 'la lang...na-excite lang kc si friend chikletz eh.. haha... special mansyon kah ditoh friend!... lol... laterz! =)



And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. 1 John 4:16




... kse naman....

Miss you so badly
By: dhee

I haven’t talked to you in a while
And I feel like I’m slowly dying
Oh I miss you so much
That I think my heart is aching

I’m having a hard time to breathe
Without you it feels like there’s no air
Oh baby I’m so inlove with you
I feel hopeless and it’s unfair

Why do I gotta feel this way?
Even if I have no idea how you feel
Oh I’m so crazy about you
You’re all I think of and I’m foreal

How can I sleep tonight?
Without hearing even your simple sigh
Oh honey I’m so addicted to you
I wish I can just hide my feeling and lie

I dunno how long I can still last
But I really do MISS YOU
Oh I love you more than word love
In my dream you felt the same way too

uhm... dee valentines??? nde.... 'la lang... trip koh lang... nagawa koh yan nung namiss koh syah....bakit bah?! lolz... kinausap ang sarili eh noh... wehe.... anyhoo... pabati akoh nang merry christmas juz in case nde na akoh makabati sa inyoh... lab yah guyz so much nd yeah have a blessed new year na ren... *muwahugz* Godbless! -di


request nyoh =)

to mareng amor: request nya non na gawan koh sya nang poem.. dahil feelingerang manunula akoh eh ginawan koh nga.. pero uhm... isang taon na atah tong tula na toh... never kong naibigay sa kanyah... well itz better late than never devah... it's not all dat but hope she likes it =)

to: Mr. all her Life

Her heart been broken
So many times before
 She almost ended her life
She didn't wanna go on anymore

Many years have passed
She's been down and sad
She spent most of her days
Crying and feeling mad

Her heart became fragile
It should handle with care
Don't ever try to play with it
It can't take anymore dare

But "mr. all my life" guy
She fell inlove again with you
Definitely this is a big risk
She's willing to take a chance w/ you

So please take care of her
Love her and be true
Looking forward to the day
When both of you say "i do"

to supladong office boy: nirequest nya nah isulat koh raw 'ung supladong office boy sa snow... eh dahil akoh eh uto uto eh ginawa koh.. lolz... ei effort yan kc muntik nang mag-frozen 'ung daliri koh while i was writing dat.. nd yan.. hope u like it kahit medyo malabo pagkasulat =)

to kuya jag, kuya moks, nd kuya drake: ahh humiritz kayo na pakita 'ung pinaghirapan kong linisin na room koh nung sipag sipagan akoh... one day lang 'un.. 'ung araw lang na 'un.. lolz.. mah room is not all dat pero pwede na ren.. simple lang... nd here u go =)

meet my adopted "naruto" bear... yep u heard it right.. inadopt koh yan.. kc nakita koh sya sa store nag-iisa na lang sya.. naawa akoh... he's all alone... kaya nemen yon inampon koh =)


some of mah bears =)

meet mah hp touchsmart tm2t tablet... pretty small but itz aight... nd itz mine... nd itz "utang" lolz =)

some of mah cd's nd 'lil bit of dvd's...nd mah portable dvd player nd obviously mah alarm clock... lolz =P

... some of mah books... yeah... nde akoh mahilig sa books..=P

so yeah... dat would be all for now.. dunno kung makapag post pa akoh for christmas nd kung nde eh babati na akoh nang merry christmas and a blessed 2011 sa inyong lahat na lab kong mga ka-blogs...  nd kung makabalik eh di babati uletz akoh.. lolz... take care yah'll... oh yeah dehinz akoh gano makapag-blog lately kc why bah? uhm... bzbzhan nd tamad tamaran lang po.. lolz... but nanditoh lang akoh nd miss koh kayo lagi... yep... really.... so yeah... *muwahugz* ... ingatz nd Godbless! -di

p.s. *while staring at d' moon* nasan ka man soulmate koh sana masaya ka sa darating na pasko kahit 'la pa akoh sa buhay moh... nyah.. gumaganon eh noh...  lolz.. oh yeah natuwa lang akoh sa pix na yan..parang hanglungkot lang kc... natuwa pero hanglunkot.. hanglabo... lolz...'la lang... parang akoh lang diz christmas... SMP na nemen akoh? tsk... lolz... oh dat pix eh syempre taken by muwah... laterz nd much luv =)