Pretty Excited =)

I went to church w/ my sis, bro in law and nieces... late nga lang kme though kc medyo I had a counseling session w/ mah parents.. nemen kc medyo medyo nag-away na naman... kinda funny lang kc para silang batang dalawa na nagsusumbong saken... parang akoh yung magulang... well i think dehinz pa ren atah silah nag-uusap but dunno... bahala nah si God.. God is d' greatest counselor so bahala nah Syah sa kanilah... oh yeah sabi sa church... prayer makes us closer and closer to the Lord... i agree... kaya nemen... juz pray at all times... w/ every little things... pray and say thanks to Him... then hmm after church we went to d' mall to eat... then dropped by at Toy R' Us to buy some toys for my nieces.. then uhmm... dropped by at old navy 'cause my sis wanna buy some on-sale kids pants for my niece but dehinz na kme tumuloy 'cause d' line was so long 'cause medyo marami pa reng tao since itz d' weekend after thanksgiving so it means there were still some good sales that were goin' on... then went to barnes and noble.. my fave bookstore... para lang hanapin yung Dear John na nabasa koh sa blog ni Jepoy... Jepoy kc eh... maiksi lang palah but haven't start readin' it yet... maybe sometimes this week... oh remind meeh of too meron den palang isang rekomended na good book si Marc... i'll probably check dat out too later... eniweiz... wat got meeh excited is the new e-book reader called Nook... oh my gulay... awa ni God I wanna buy one... so bad!... i wanted to buy d' kindle at first but i couldn't buy it 'cause i thought it was kinda expensive but it's actually almost d' same prize w/ nook... and d' reality of it is that kindle was way cheaper than i thought... half d' prize as i thought it would cost... but I like this new e-book reader more though... alam moh yung feeling na may nakitah kah na isang bagay and u juz fell inlove w/ it... yeah...so yun i fell inlove w/ diz book e-reader... really i want it so bad awa tlgah ni God... sana i'll be able to buy it soon... so yeah we were pretty much outside d' house d' whole Sunday... then when we got home we ate dinner... oh yeah on d' way home we rented some movies... and we watched one of them after dinner... itz "the Proposal"... ahlab it!... itz funny and there's a little drama to it... nakakatuwa... i also rented "the UP" was that d' title?... ganda raw kc... medyo madrama... again i'll watch it or we'll watch it sometimes this week... nemen kc kelangan koh kc matapos yung research paper koh na due dapat tomorrow monday.. pero i can still turn it in until thursday w/ no deducted points... pag maturn in koh sana tommorrow it'll have an additional extra credit.. oh well... 'la eh.... di koh nagawa... so i have to finish it before thursday kc d' week after that eh finals nah... tsk!... so yeah... 'la lang... juz kinda excited w/ so many things... God just been so good kahit am not such a good girl lately... so yeah... laterz yah'll... Godbless! -di


Lord, I Believe

I had an awesome day. Abah naiba atah ang tema koh? Usually emo. Actually dehinz naman tlgah akoh so emo nah tao eh... hmmm.... lately lang atah?! Ewan koh... nde koh na alam minsan ang katotohanan... yeah i guess kinda emo na not... but lately too much emo... I guess nde naman tlgah akoh everyday emo na tao... but I guess i juz let my emotions control meeh lately.

Eniweiz what changed meeh and made a difference on my day? Well it was the preach of Joel Osteen... i like his message... basically his main message was these three simple words... "Lord I believe"....
I'll share what I learned from his message today... it something that we already know but sometimes it makes a difference if we keep reminding ourselves with these messages.

Trust Him at all times... w/ everything. Sometimes we are in a situation that seemed so hopeless... or we have dreams that seemed so impossible to reach... but never lose hope... like they always say with man it might be impossible but w/ Him everything is possible. Don't settle for what people tell you... don't settle for the natural... instead believe in Him on His Supernatural power. Believe that He can turns things around 'cause He definitely can and believe you'll have in His time whatever your heart is longing for... you just gotta believe. Sometimes naman we are just tryin' to get by... we are tryin' to live our ordinary lives... but God actually has super extraordinary blessings waiting ahead of us. We just gotta believe. Devah ang sarap sarap pakinggan?... pero itz true we just really have to trust Him and believe w/ what He can for us. He can do amazing things for us.

Na-excite lang uletz akoh kc lately i was tryin' to run my life. It gives meeh a headache 'cause i dunno how possible i can reach all d' goals that I have for myself or when can I have all d' desires of my heart. Then it hit meeh it was 'cause I was tryin' to do it myself... na I was tryin' so hard to find a way when all along He is the way. So finally I wanted Him to run my life again.

But it doesn't mean na i'll be perfect... tao pa ren lang akoh... i'll still be emo once in a while... or maybe more than once in a while.. lolz. I'll still be making mistakes... madadapa pa ren akoh at minsan mawawala pa ren akoh sa tamang landas. I'm still gonna have those black and white days... pero no matter wat happens He will always be right there by my side and i'll always be in the palm of His hand and He will always be my comforter and no matter wat happens He will never leave me nor forsake me. I believe He will do the same for my family and all my love ones too and syempre definitely also with all of u guyz and all of 'ur love ones... we just gotta believe in Him.

Oh yeah sometimes too do not worry if you think you made so many mistakes from d' past... you think you're such a sinner... i mean tao lang tayoh.... all those are forgiven. And God is not mad at yah... and actually He's madly in love with yah. Hmmm minsan den i guess we are so caught up with all our ambitions and things that we wanted... preoccupied with all the temporary things na minsan we don't get to enjoy our life and all d' blessings that we have. Actually wala lang... na-excite lang tlgah uletz akoh kay God.

Oh yeah sometimes don't be scared to tell Him kung ano gusto moh and stuff. You can tell Him just about anything. And kapag nagkaroon ka nang relationship sa Kanyah... He's not that serious and scary as some people thought... He can be pretty funny... trust me. He definitely got a sense of humor. It'll be cool too when you start to have a conversation w/ Him. And yon honestly ang isa sa mga na-miss koh... it's like i don't hear so much from Him lately... kc puro sarili koh kausap koh and i let all the wrong thoughts run to my head. And medyo madmeng ungodly things sa yutakz koh lately. Pero i'm gonna try to stop them. Not easy i tell yah... but i believe I can do it w/ His help. "Lord I believe...Kayo nah po bahala sa lahat lahat po. Love you po."

Godbless! -di


SaLaMaT =)

Thanks to You
by: dhianz

Thank you so much for your word of encouragement
I appreciate you and every single thing that you say
Our friendship is definitely something that I treasure
It's amazing how your words can surely make my day

God knows that a lot of times I just wanted to give up
I feel like it's way easier than to even try to go on
But you never give up instead you told me to hold on
You always try to be there for me from dusk till dawn

Most of the time I'm good with hiding my real feelings
But behind all my laughters I'm actually feeling blue
You are aware that inside of me I was actually crying
So you're there to guide me so I can make it through

Words are never enough to tell you how thankful I am
Thank you for coming to my life and for being a friend
I thank God that He blessed me with someone like you
I'll try to be there for you too if you ever need a hand

HaPPY THaNKSGiViNG yah'll... Godbless! -di


Ms. ctrl+alt+delete

...*churi* ate Yanz and kuya Jettro... *churi* kuya Drake... & *churi* kuya CM and sis Jenn.... kc tatlong deleted post na atah akoh this past few days... haha.. lolz.. sensya nemen... 'la eh... kc la kwentz naman... yung isa naman.... hangkorni lang... then yung isa... uhmm... parang papansin... so yeah... take note... deleted ang post koh  kapag na-meet nyah ang isa sa mga following criteria....  A. masyadong maemo B. hangkorni C. la kwentz naman D. parang papansin lang ... wehe... ewan... =)

...pinagkaabalahan koh i-renovate kagabi... but not so cute yet kc dehinz pah tumutubo yung tanim... and i know itz not all that but i like it 'cause itz mah farm... and yeah kahit gusto koh pang idecorate more eh i'm out of money for now... i'm broke... wehe... graveh it took meeh hours juz to move things around... 'cause i juz expanded my farm... i think thatz 22 X 22 nah... kaaliw lang minsan ang farmville.. pampatanggal emo at pampa-waste nang time.... laterz.. Godbless! -di



"There are times in our lives that we don't always see God's blessings right away. Sometimes they are disguised, and the things we once thought of as bad, or scary, turn into a wonderful blessing. Think of a caterpillar. He isn't very pretty. And I wonder if it is a little bit scary for him to seal off the cocoon he entwined around himself. I wonder if it is dark in there. I wonder if Mr. Caterpillar screams, 'Let me out of here! I can't breathe!' But then one day, just at the right time, we see something happening. We see God's plan, the miracle of a beautiful butterfly."

-quote from Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul

NOVEMBER 17, 2009: ...ahlab chikensoup books... dyan nag-umpisa ang paghumaling koh sa book... ahlab readin' stories from it and a lot of them are very inspiring... sakit na sa headache... 'la lang.. i juz made a post like hmm an hour earlier... but ended up deleted.. why?... i dunno... sometimes akoh lang si ms. new post publish delete... eh kaso sakit na sa headache... nde akoh makatulog nang ayos... kanina pa may tumakbo sa yutakz koh...tsk... take a break nga!... sino ka man tumatakbo dyan... haha... napapagod na akoh... lolz... itz almost 5 a.m. here.. may skul pa meeh mamaya.. although yeah nakapag-nap akoh kanina pero i felt like 'la akong ayos na tulog ngaun... iniisip koh nga eh.. matulog kaya akoh ang tuloy tuloy for 24 hours.. haha... 'la lang... tapos yeah... dehinz na lang magising... haha... sakit lang si dee sa headache eh...

hmmm... man!... am i still caterpillar?.. tsk.. can't wait to be a butterfly... haha.. nalolocah na akoh... shoot!... i think magulo yutakz koh kc hanggulo nang room koh... funny kc ibang part eh sobrang organized... then some part eh so messy... tsk!... gusto koh matulog... nde akoh makatulog nang ayos... tsk! *hikabz*... sleepy na nde... nemen tlgah oo... sige na nga.. daz all for now.. laterz.. Godbless! -di

NOVEMBER 18, 2009: di na raw uso ang emo?... since when?!... i didn't get d' memo... lolz.. hmmm... depress-depressan akoh lately... sobrah... puwede bah umemo sa inyoh... i had like 3 hours of sleep den... not bad... but bad... haha... hmm... nakakaasar... 'la lang... nde koh alam kung emo lang tlgah atmosphere nang room koh.. madalas naeemo akoh sa room koh eh... kc nemen ang bed... nde ginagamit pang-online... two things lang yan... for sleeping and for sex... haha... lolz.. sige na nga... kelangan koh na mag-ready for school.. i still have to let my doggies pee pee and stuff and feed them too... then if i still have some time left eh kakain akoh...so yeah laterz... peace out yah'll... Godbless! -di


if we fall inlove...

There will be no ordinary days for you
If there is someone who cares like i do
You have no reason to be sad anymore
I`m always ready with a smile
With just one glimpse of you
You don`t have to search no more
Cause i am someone who will love you for sure so..

If we fall in love
Maybe we`ll sing this song as one
If we fall in love
We can write a better song than this
If we fall in love
We will have this melody in our heads
If we fall in love
Anywhere with you would be a better place..

You can watch sad movies in a diffirent light
So i`ll be there beside you
Hugging you oh so tight
(oh so tight)
Your hands will never feel so cold and empty again
Coz i will keep on holding on and won`t let go
(never let you go)
You don`t have to search no more
Cause i am someone who will love you for sure so..

Feel so good when you`re around
One smile from you
(one smile from you)
Be mine,this feel so right..so..

p.s. kanta na lang muna kayoh d2 =) Godbless! -di



...eating Reese's right now... usually pag mejo naeemo akoh.. na-uupset.... na ewan.. i crave for somethin' sweet... or nde koh alam.. oh yeah... do 'urself a favor... hwag nang basahin.. kakausapin koh lang sarili koh... oh yeah.. sabi nila mas maliit ang font eh mas nde babasahin.. kaya nemen... etoh... smalllest font... hmm... halo halo emosyon koh ngaun... kelangan koh mailabas in some way... kung nde baka sumabog akoh... kakasar lang minsan... 'ung feeling moh na sobrang daldal moh na sometimes may mga bagay ka na nasasabi na dehinz naman na dapat sinasabi sa ibang tao... kc minsan kakasakit ka na nang damdamin nang iba... may point naman eh.. ba't bah kc minsan makati lang kc ang dila magsalitah.... kaya dapat winawatch ang bawat salitang lumalabas sa bibig eh... so 'unz... syempre pag may na-upset ka nang ibang tao eh pati ikaw sira ang gabi moh... yeah true kinda tired kah nah pero ayos lang yon... kakaupset lang minsan na kaw ang dahilan na upset ang ibah... kaya hwag ka na lang kumibo para wala nah... eniweiz lesson learned for meeh naman... itz mah fault and nobody to blame but meeh... then may mga times naman na may hihirit ang iba sau... na biglang nde moh alam ang hihirit moh then hihirit ka nang somethin' else.. then marerealize moh na ang ewan lang nang hiniritz moh na sana nde ka na lang nagsalitah.. itz just make it worse... bakit nde ka na lang kc tumahimik... let them say whatever they wanna say... minsan ba't bah papaapekto sa mga bagay... ba't masyadong siniseryoso ang mga bagay... nde koh alam... God knows na minsan tlgah siniseryoso koh ang mga bagay bagay... kaya akoh minsa naeend up na upset.... sigh... buntong hininga na lang... kaya naman minsan gusto koh lang nagsusulat at nagtytype... in dat way nalalabas koh sa pagsusulat keysa dinadaldal koh... minsan kc ano ano na lang lumalabas sa bibig... minsan makapagsalitah lang... sad... hayz... 'la lang... hmmm.... may konting Reese's pa akoh... kakatulong lang minsan ang sweet sa system koh.. dehinz naman akoh naiiyak... more like upset i guess... 'la lang.. papaganahin koh lang tong mga daliri koh... ang buhay nga naman noh.. parang life... minsan kakauspset lang ang life... but then if u look around u and listen around 'u mas matindi pa ang pinagdadaanan nilah... sometimes selfish lang akoh... or ewan... hmmm.... nemen... 'la lang... hmmm.... i need water.. tinatamad akoh kumuha... mamya nah... sulat kamay journal sana.. kaso tinatamad tlgah akoh magsulat na minsan... kakatamad... at kakapagod.. mas madali sa akin way ang mag-type... mas sabay sa thoughts koh lang minsan... hmm.... anong oras na bah?.. late nah... mamaya maya tutulog na ren akoh.. oh yeah isa pang kinaupsetan koh kc nemen.. i was tryin' to renovate my cafeworld.. then nagrerenovate den palah yung mismong cafeworld na site... so 'unz.... gulo gulo yung cafeworld koh... 'la lang... minsan sakit lang akoh sa headache... si God na nga lang atah minsan nagtitiyaga sa mga katopakanz koh... salamat po God... may time na sobrang drama koh... but am not so drama ngaun... not feelin' so well lang and kinda upset.... na ewan.... *sigh* uletz... hmmm... iniisip koh kung anong sasabihin koh eh... kaninan dmeng tumatakbo eh... ngaunz nawala na naman.... naman.... ewan koh.. i guess kinda tired na ren kc... galing galing koh tlgha sa isang lakwentz post... at asar lang tlgah minsan how others can sometimes ruined 'ur mood... luluha na mata koh sa antokz atah... *hikabz*... tired and sleepy na i think... kc aga akong umalis kanina papunta sa skul.. at umalis akoh little early than usual kc tinapos koh homework koh... and kc nagwork akoh nung weekend so i had no time to do it... tapos ngaun... work pa akoh after skul... feeling koh haba haba nang araw koh... 'la yatah akong life lately... sad naman... tsk... oh well... ganon tlgah minsan ang life... *sigh*... nasa isang daan sigh na atah akoh ditoh... yeah... 'la lang... i guess yeah.... bow... ewan... ayusin koh na nga lang bed koh at mag-change na akong pantulog at magdradrama na lang akoh sa pagtulog koh.... GODBLESS! -di


Payo ni Inday

---> ayos lng yan kung my problema ka...isipin mo...hindi lng ikaw ang nag iisa sa mundo...PEELING mo nmn?

---> wag kang umiyak pag iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo...hindi xa deserving sa mga luha mo...pro hayaan mo...mas okay yun kesa nagstay sya dahil naawa sya sayo...

---> minsan hindi maiiwasang makaramdam ng inggit sa iba...natural lang yan...sino nga namang hindi dba? pero sana sa bawat pagkakataong mainggit ka sa iba maisip mo..may naiinggit din sayo...akala mo lang wala pero meron! meron! meron!

---> sabi nila, wag sya ang mahalin mo dahil masasaktan ka lng...sabi nila, lolokohin ka lng niya...pero ang sakin lang...maniniwala ka ba dahil sinabi nila? malay mo chizmakz lng pala...

---> sabi nila...ang buhay parang gulong...umiikot..minsan sa taas ka..minsan sa baba...pro i beg to disagree...eh pano pag naflat un gulong? d lagi ka na lng nasa baba? lugi ka neng!

---> wag mong pilitin ang isang tao na mahalin ka...darating din kasi ang panahon na iiwan ka nya para sa taong mahal nya...di mo sya masisisi dahil nung mga panahong sinabi nyang mahal ka nya...hindi mo napansing nakatingin sya sa iba... :(

---> huwag mong piliting ipakitang masaya ka kahit hindi nmn talaga...umiyak ka kung kinakailangan...wag mong itago ang tunay mong nadarama...ipakita mo sa kanilang nasasaktan ka...kasi nmn..bka isipin tuloy nila manhid ka :)

---> sabi nya mahal ka nya...sabi nya ikaw lng...sabi nya poreber kayo...pro wag ka! sabi nya lng un! malay mo sinabi nya rin un sa iba!

---> pag nalulungkot ka..itawa mo lng! kun my problema ka, itawa mo lng! kung nag iisa ka..itawa mo lng! pero wag mong araw arawin ok? baka isipin nila naloloka ka neng!

---> kung makipagbreak sayo ang taong mahal mo at muling magkasalubong ang landas nyo..ipakita mo sa kanyang naka move on kana...ipakita mo sa kanyang hindi sya kawalan sa buhay mo...ipakita mo sa kanyang hindi lng xa ang nag iisang tao sa buhay mo...at kung sakaling kamustahin ka nya...harapin mo xa ng taas noo sabay sabihin mong "WAT DO U THINK OF ME, THINKING OF YUU?!" sabay talikuran mo xa at humarurot ka ng takbo!

---> may araw na hindi mo alam ang gagawin mo...my araw na namomroblema ka kung bat nangyayari ito sayo...my araw na mangangailangan ka ng tulong ng kaibigan mo...kaya kaibigan makinig ka sa payo ko...wag nmn kasi puro ARAW! gawin mo ung iba sa gabi oh kea sa hapon loka!

---> ano ang pinagkaiba ng love sa infatuation? simpe lng...kung makita mo syang masaya sa piling ng iba at nasaktan ka...infatuation yan! pero kung nakita mo syang masaya sa piling ng iba at hinayaan mo lng...love yan! kasi hinayaan mo sya kun san sya masaya...kahit na alam mong hindi sayo, kundi sa piling ng iba...

---> huwag mong piliting tumayo sa sarili mong paa kung hindi mo kaya...GUMAPANG ka! pede nmn un dba?

ps. ---> i was kinda emo until i came across these quotes from FB... kaaliw lang...ayos kah sa advice inday... pwamis napa-smile moh ako... nalimutan koh mag-emo saglit... lolz.. hope u guyz like it too... ingatz... Godbless! -di


When you know...

When you know that you know who you love, you can't deny it. 
Or go back, or give up, or pretend that you don't buy it. 
When it's clear this time you've found the one, you'll never let him go 
Cos you know and you know that you know. 

When you feel in your skin in your bones and the hollow 
Of your heart, there's no way you can wait till tomorrow. 
When there isn't any doubt about it once you come this close 
Cos you know and you know that you know. 

You can feel love's around you like the sky 'round blue 
This is how love has found you, now you know what to do. 

When you know that you know who you need, you can't deny it. 
Or go back, or give up, or pretend that you don't buy it. 
When it's clear this time you've found the one, you'll never let him go 
Cos you know and you know that you know. 

And it's time you come in from the cold. 
And you know that you know.

yan ang background song koh right now...
when you know by: Shawn Colvin
so feel free to listen to it if u like
i juz finished watchin' serendipity kc... again!
yeah i watched it like thousand of times already...
'lang magawa eh... kc katatapos koh lang sa exam...
yeah i guess am not so bz?... truth though I got tons of things to do
I juz don't feel like doin' any of them right now
so kinda relaxin... toleratin' my laziness and fallin' in love again w/ d' movie
yeah puro song lang atah lately ang blog koh.. why bah?...
'cause don't feel like talkin' so much in my blog...
kc if i talk... eh i'll talk forever... and eh... 'la lang... tinatamad akoh...
i was gonna tell u guyz sana how beautiful d' weather here today...
itz sunny... yey!.. 'cause it has been gloomy, rainy, windy d' past couple of weeks
yeah d' weather been so depressing lately... but not today....
itz beautiful! and i love d' combination.. sunny and cold... itz great...
then ang sarap sarap tignan ang araw... parang namiss mo lang nang sobrah
especially 'cause you haven't seen it for weeks... itz just so beautiful...
haha i guess i did tell u bout d' weather... lolz
and dehinz daw feel magkuwento oh... toinks! lolz
hmmm... sigh... what'z goin' thru my head bah right now?
so much things... and nothing... but i'm fine... God is awesome...
i totally surrender na lang.. everything... every single thing...
I can't handle it no more.. i give up... ang drama ohh... haha...
funny 'cause few seconds ago i was kinda teary eyes.. for some reason....
sigh!... but i'm fine... totally fine... never better... 
Life is beautiful.. so letz enjoy every second of it...
trust God w/ everythin'... let Him take control over our life...
He's an awesome God and i love Him so much...
Godbless yah'll -di


I Surrender

lyrics by: Leslie Ludy [background song]


Lord I know you see this fear in my heart of what my future holds
I feel you softly ask if I can trust You more and give you control,
so I kneel before you now and I offer everything
Come and be the Lord of all, all I am or ever hope to be

I surrender, I surrender to the One Who loves me more than life
I surrender, I surrender here is my heart I open it wide-
to the One Who cannot be unfaithful
I now offer You all that I am

I surrender, I surrender from this day on I'll be in Your hands

I've been living for myself, and now I want to live for You alone
Come and help me when I'm weak, and when my path seems so unknown
You will be beside me still, I know You want what's best for me
So when I want to take control, Lord please come and help my unbelief

Godbless! -di


sleepy dee

yeah inaantokz akoh.... anong oras na bah...gabi na ditoh sa mundo koh.... nakatira kc akoh sa moon... ahaha... takte... ang tindi atah nang tama nung hinithit koh... medyo nababaliw atah akoh... or dahil kc free na free ang mind koh kahit ano isipin koh kc katatapos lang nang exam koh... yey!.. i think i did pretty good... yabang... ahaha.... sana nga perfect eh... naks naman tlgah oo.... hmmm.... i think what i wanna do right now is... uhmmm... how 'bout freestyle typing... usually ginagawa koh toh kapag... 'la akong matinong makausap or magawa... teka lang.... brb in few seconds... oh dinilete koh lang yung ctc entry koh... ahehe... hangkorni lang kc eh... naghahanap kc nang makakausap... tulog na ang madlang pipol ditoh sa moon... eh vampire akoh eh... nde akoh natutulog... ahehhe.... yeah akoh po si bella... ahahaha... aka sisa.. lolz.. takte.. wat am i saying bah?... kaaliw ren lang palah tlgah minsan kausapin ang sarili noh.... why naman kc... kapag kausap moh ang sarili moh eh nde moh kelangan maghintay nang magrereply... kc habang kinakausap moh eh nagrereply nah... ahaha.. ayos bah?... hanaglabo koh sa earth noh... takte inaantokz na akoh actually eh... maya maya na lang tulog na akoh... hwag lang sana akoh makatulog habang nagtytype... lolz...

yan... gumamit akoh nang paragpraph... para sa mga taong trip magbasa... kc naman nakakahilo lang na tuloy tuloy na halos wala na ngang period... then itz kinda like itz juz a one long paragraph... haha.. ano daw sinabi koh?.. ewan...basta intindihin na lang nang kung sinong nagbabasa... nde akoh mag-eedit.. tinatamad lola nyoh... ano bah kc sinasabi koh... ahh freestyle typing.... yeah i'm kinda doing it right now pero dehinz koh trip ituloy ituloy... or kaya naman pag iniisip koh kc na nagfrefreestyle typing akoh eh lalo akong walang masabi... haha... takte... 'la na akong sense ditoh... kung sino ka mang nagbabasa eh ba't ka pa ren nagbabasa... ayos...adik ka ren noh.... adik saken?.. ahahah... eng!... lolz... takte... 'la lang... hmmnnzz....

kakamiss yon... yung... uhmm... yung nakakatulog ka lang kausap yung someone special moh sa fone... naks naman... yeah madalas koh gawin yon non... i dunno wat was so hard 'bout sayin' bye... ahaha... 'la lang.. hmmm... ano bah point koh?.. 'la akong point...no point at all... as in none... ahahaha.. takte nababaliw akoh.. pwamis... hmmnn... 'la nah... nahinto na train of thoughts koh.... pero syempre uhm... trip koh lang mag-type.... hmmm....

kinda lazy.... kinda lazy to say anythin'?.. ahaha... 'la lang.. pumasok lang sa yutakz koh yung word... pero honestly right now i'm sleepy.... eh ba't nde pa akoh natutulog?... eh paki moh.. ahaha... ang adik... tsk!... pag napapansin nyo na minsan naaadik na akoh... means inaantokz na akoh... pero kapag nde akoh nakatulog...don akoh nagbabagong anyoh... ahaha... as in i mean nagiging grumpy... yeah.... and yeah don't ever make meeh hungry kc nagggrumpy den akoh pag ganon... parang dmeng ggg atahh... hmmm... what'z up w/ g?... sino nakakaalala startin' w/ g... takte ba't g... can we change d' letter?.. haha...lolz...

sige yon na nga lang... oh devah.. yan na lang... maiksi na nga yan... kung sino ka man matiyagang nagbasa nitoh... eh saludo akoh sau... ahehhe... 'la lang... may napulot ka bang aral?.. of course wala... pag meron eh ewan koh sau... ahehe... ewan.. inaantokz akoh... nde koh alam sinasabi koh.. buhol buhol na lang... naaaliw lang akoh... sige na nga.... tutulog na akoh... daw... ahaha.. maybe.. i'll think 'bout it.. letz see... lolz... nde koh eedit itoh.. bahala na kayong magkabuhol buhol yutakz nyoh...rewired nyo na lang.. ahaha... konek ba mga sinasabi koh... correlated bah?.. ahaha... corre-correlated pa na nalalaman eh noh... so 'unz... i'm out... teary eyes na atah ako sa antokz... peace yah'll... Godbless! -di



If I Can Only Be with You in My Dreams...
then Let Me Sleep FOREVER

(okei.. not forever.. tutulog muna si princess dee)



...nagpahula akoh nung isang araw sa new boyfriend ni madam auring.. yeah take note... nde kay madam auring... sa bf nyah... haha... so here you go... =)

your are a hopeless romantic person
you want to define love
in your own definition
aminin mo you are longing for a man
who will love you
na parang nasa fairy tale

uhmmm basta hindi ko alam
kung may past relationship ka na
but for your next love
sisguraduhin mo na sya na talaga
ang makaksama mo habambuhay
and you wanted to feel that you are very important to him
and you will give him everything in exchange for that
you are a giver naman kasi

uhmm mababaw ka lang tao
meaning mababaw ang kaligayahan mo
you appreciate simple things
mababaw din ang luha mo
pero after shedding your tears
tapos na move forward

hindi ka problemadong tao
you dont want to complicate things
pero simpleng bagay
ay may sense sa iyo

are you a loner?
medyo you hide your true emotions kasi eh

basta dhianz wala ka namang problemang mabigat eh
kasi you take life as light as possible
sabi ko nga sa iyo kaya mo namang mag- isa problema mo eh
and you know how to release

alam ko naman dhianz
there things na gusto mong mangyari
pero yun nga lang hindi pa rin nangyayari
minsan nakakafrustrate talaga
pero alam ko kaya mo yun ikaw pa

eh iyakin ka pa man din
pag mag- isa ka

alam ko you just wanted to be strong for the people around you
pero deep inside you cannot bear the pain anymore
kay iiyak mo na lang

hehhe sabi ko nga sa iyo you are more than a giver
alam ko naman eh you are trying your best
you are working so hard
for them
kaya nga walang room ang salitang kahinaan

but dhianz
all i can say
when you cannot bear the pain
just tell them
kasi akala nila okay ka
kasi pinapakita mo na okay ka
try to give a part of your burden
to the people who understands u
di naman tanda yun ng kahinaan eh

alam ko naman eh
kasi ayaw mo silang malungkot
at masaktan
okay lang umiyak sa harap nila
sometimes you dont need help naman eh
all you need for them to understand you
kaya okay lang

alam ko rin kasi masyado kang worrier
yung kanta mo mga relaxing songs
alam ko naman na you apprecite sad songs
kesa sa happy songs
kasi dito mo narerelease ang emotions mo
ito yung way mo to lighten ur burden
kasi hindi mabigat sa loob
kaya nga gusto mo yun eh
naiipon kasi dyan sa puso ang lahat eh
minsan talaga unberable

basta tandaan mo dhianz
choice mong maging malakas
kaya nasa iyo yun kung hanggang saan ka
if you feel you need to take a rest
stop and recharge
alam ko wala sa vocabulary mo ang sumuko

pero tandaan mo din
na hindi ikaw si superwoman
kahit si superwoman may kahinaan
at may limitasyon
tulad mo may limitasyon ka rin
basta tandaan mo
wag mong solohin ang lahat ng bagay
tao ka lang
hindi ka si superwoman
napapagod ka rin
at nahihirapan ka rin
maiksi lang ang buhay
kaya pilitin natin maging masaya araw araw

happiness is a choice and being miserable is an option
choose to be happy always
always count your blessing
you have so many reasons to be happy
so be happy katulad ni Jollibee

... pinaiyak akoh nang bf ni madam auring... waaahhh.... ahehe... papatulan koh sana eh... kaso taken na sya ni madam auring... fine... haha...in fairness feeling close kme at may kasama pang mga advice... =)

Godbless yah'll! -di

dear dhianz,

[love letter for myself... i got this idea from kuya Drake]

First time kitang susulatan nang love letter. Nde koh nga alam kung pano koh uumpisahan...ang emo moh na naman kc eh. Yan teary na naman ang eyes moh. Buti na lang... unlimted supply yang tears moh. Kanina ang dme dme kong sasabihin sayo kaso minsan nauunang mag-isip ang utak koh kaya pag sasabihin koh sau nawawala nah. Ano bah kc ang problema? Nde bah matutulog ka nah dapat? Kaya minsan sumasakit na lang yang ulo moh sa pagtulog eh... kc ano anong tumatakbo dyan... sasabayan moh pah nang iyak.

Mga tao sa paligid mo minsan wala lang idea sa nararamdaman moh. Gusto mong sabihin pero nde moh alam kung pano moh sasabihin. Kayah minsan nadidis-appoint ka na lang sa kanilah sometimes even for no reason. Yan tumulo na ang luha moh sa kabilang mata moh.. pero sabay hikab. Kc naman antok nah katawan moh pero gising na gising pa ang diwa moh.

Hmmm kaw a lot of times gusto moh lang nang kausap. Kaso nde maabot nang iba ang standard moh. Sino bang tungek ang makikipag-usap sau nagn 24/7... well actually meron... akoh. Yeah sabihin moh lang saken kahit ano. Kahit anong non sense pa yan magkakaintindihan tayoh. Kahit maghapon magdamag tayo magdaldalan eh ayos lang. Andito lang akoh lagi all ears for yah. Hwag lang tayo sana madala sa mental hospital.

A lot of times you feel weak. Or minsan masyado ka lang maemo. Sakit kah sa headache... minsan nakatulala ka na lang... namanhid na nga ata minsan ang utak moh pero pinipilit moh pa ren lagyan nang kung ano ano. Sigh! hirap palah nitong magsulat nang love letter sayoh. Ni walah nga atah akong masabing maayos sayoh. Dahil akoh ren lost sa mga sinasabi koh. Kakahawa ka lang.

Sayang kanina sana kitah sinulatan. Kc kanina agos nang agos ang luha moh. Sobrang emo moh... pero ngaun.. wala nah. Tulala ka na lang sa kawalan. Kaya nde puwede sayo ang maraming free time. Magpakalunod ka na lang kc sa mga ginagawa moh sa skul at work. Advice koh sana maglasing kah kaso delikado kah baka kung ano ano ang gawin moh. Pero ba't nde moh na lang spend yang mga spare time moh sa Kanyah.

Noon halos every second moh Syang kinakausap. Anong nangyari ngaun? Sinasabi moh sa iba na ilet-go ang burdens nilah kay God. Eh kaw ano ginagawa moh? Why are you embracing it so much? Ano bah tlgah ang ineemo moh? Teka takot kah palah sa too much question. Kc why?...Dahil yes indenial kah most of the time and you're scared of truth. Sabi moh "truth shall set you free" pero yan ang isang bagay na nde moh maiapply sa sarili moh. Nabubuhay kah sa takot... takot sa katotohanan. Or dahil nasasaktan ka lang sa katotohanan. Eh ba't tumutulo na naman ang luha moh? Kc nde bah totoo.

Lahat tayo may iba't ibang pinagdadaanan. Aja! nga ang madalas sabihin moh sa iba dibah. Sigh! nde koh na alam ang dapat sabihin sayoh. Pero at least you feel a little better kc nakaagos na naman yang mga luha moh. Tapusin moh na kc yang book nang "time traveller's wife" kc balitah koh nakakaiyak daw. Tapos kung nde ka pa satisfied don... maghanap ka nang movies na magpapaiyak sau nang bonggang bongga. Kapag kulang pa ren yon... manood ka nang mga episodes nang maala-ala moh kayah. Pag kulang pa ren. Ewan koh nah. Magpa-chek ka na sa doktor... samahan kitah.

Sige nah. Matulog ka nah. Mukha ka nang tanga oh... sama moh na ren akoh. Balance lang tlgah ang buhay... you are not happy all the time. Pero right now nde balance ang buhay moh... kc you're emo all the time. Kaso naka-mask kah kadalasan... nde nilah nakikita ang tunay mong emosyon. You're pretty good at hiding your real emotions. Kaya nga ren ayaw mong ipaalam na may blog kah... kc ayaw mong malaman nilah ang mga iniisip moh or mga saloobin moh. Teka kala koh bah i'll let you go. Oh sya tulog ka nah... pasensya ka nah... nde to exactly a love letter... but siguro puwede nah. Ang gusto moh lang naman kausap devah? So yeah... sana tapos na ang emo moh for d' day... save moh na lang ang iba for d' next day... kc baka maubusan ka sige kah. Good night actually morning nah. Tulog ka nah.

Godbless! love, di