Hello po GOD =)

Dear God,

God maraming salamat po sa lahat po nang blessings moh po sa ken nd sa family koh nd sa lahat nang mahal koh po sa buhay... alam koh po nitong nakaraang taon eh sobrang dme koh pong shortcomings... nd sobrang naging maemo po ang taon koh... sobrang naging matigas den po atah ang ulo koh... sori po God sa lahat... kahit alam ko po na minsan na dehinz akoh nagiging so masunurin eh You keep on loving meeh... You keep on forgiving my sins... you probably hated all d' bad things that i did and bad things that i'll probably still do... but You never hated me nor will ever hate meeh... cuz You are an awesome God... you love us all unconditionally...

God ngaung 2011 po... alam koh dehinz pa ren po akoh magiging perfect... nd for sure while I'm on this earth eh never will be.... and for sure that i'll still be lost sometimes po or maybe upset you po countless times.... pero po God i'll do my very best to serve you po... to follow everythin' that You'll tell meeh...and also to learn to forgive those people who will hurt me and who had hurt meeh in d' past... and try my best to live for You alone...nd to always put You po on top of everythin'....nd to let You be in control of my life and all of my love ones life po... lemme be Your tool po to be an inspiration to others... use me so they can know You po... and prayin' that i can be d' way po for others to accept You in their hearts...

dear Lord i-guide nyo po akoh ha... Kayo na po ang bahala sa lahat...salamat po for always takin' care of us... syempre po all my family nd my loves ones... salamat po kc we are always under 'ur protection... salamat po sa uncoditional love... mahal na mahal koh po Kayo... Kayo po ang buhay koh and my everything... i Love You so much w/ all my heart, mind, soul, and strenght... kayo nah po bahala sa amin sa taong itoh at sa mga darating pa po... nd sa rest po nang forever... which i'm lookin' forward po of spendin' w/ You... syempre po kasama nang mahal koh po sa buhay... Love you po God! =)

request lang po.... since malapit na po birthday koh.... isa po sa mga bday wish koh po na sana.... kahit nde po akoh ganong kasing-sikat nang ibang bloggers ditoh at kasing-active nilah na sana po.... maka-receive po akoh nang birthday greetings from 'em... pangarap koh po kc 'un eh na sana po matupad... kahit man lang po isa... or dalawa... or tatlong picture greetings lang na matanggap koh mula sa mga mahal kong bloggers eh sobrang magiging thankful po akoh... first time koh po kc icecelebrate bday koh sa ditoh blogsphere sa dalawang taon po na pagblo-blog koh... sana po maka-receive po akoh nang picture greetings nilah po.... kahit few lang po na magpadala sa kanilah saken bago ang bday koh sa january 7 sa email koh sweet07diane@yahoo.com eh sobrang magiging masaya na po akoh nd again thankful... salamat po in advance dear God....

thank you po palah... kahit medyo malungkot nang konti ang pasko koh eh nakumpleto po kme nang family koh ngaung new year.... maraming maraming salamat po... salamat po sa lahat nang blessings at sa mga coming blessings pa po.... dear Lord one of my new year resolution po eh i'm not gonna try to be so perfect w/ everythin'....cuz alam nyo po na i tend to be a little perfectionist sometimes... life is not perfect... tao lang... nd a lot of times eh things will still not go my way... it's ok... learn to accept it...nd also i should learn to let go... i know that i'm still gonna cry... i'm still gonna be emotional... i will still get hurt... i will still probably hate others... i will still get mad....i'll still be probably a little mean sometimes... but i shouldn't hold on to those emotion for too long... i need to learn to let 'em go... and let (God)You... for sure there's a good reason for everythin'... and i shouldn't be upset nor worry cuz You always have a greater plan for our life... we juz gotta trust You... LOVE YOU SO MUCH po... i pray all this in Jesus name... Amen! =)

HAVE A BLESSED 2011 mahal kong bloggers... lab yah'll...thank you so much for bein' part of my life... you guyz dunno how much I appreciate all of you...and definitely you guyz have a special place in my heart... much luv *muwahugz* =) Godbless! -di


  1. happy new year at advance happy birthday! sa january 7 pa pala, pwede pang humabol! =P

    God bless you!

  2. happy new yr dhianz. hehe. tagal tagal na natin magkakilala. penge nmn ako ng pics mo. o kaya add mo ka s fb. wala nmn makakaalam eh. ^_^

  3. Happy Birthday in advance ate dee. Happy New year. God bless u always and to ur family din. :D

  4. Hahaha pinagdasal talaga ang picture greetings? Sige magpapadala ako. Happy Birthday in advance! :)

  5. picture greeting na toh!!! kelan ba birthday mo friend?!

  6. picture greeting pala ang gusto ahahaha

    Happy New year!!!!

  7. hahaha, kaya pala nagpray kasi may hihilingin lolzz

    happy new year dee, at happy birthday na rin...pinag iisipan ko pa kung ipapadala ko ung FB Profile pic ko sayo :D

  8. hahahha.. may request plakay God kya ng pray.. hehhehe..
    nung birhtday ko isang blogger lang ang nka greet sa akin.. hehehhe.
    pero ok lng yun..

    happy new year!!!

  9. happy new year and advance happy birthday. At talagang nginarag mo si God sa letter mo hehehe baka naiyak na sya nyan.

    God bless you always!

  10. Uyy sumimple ng pic greets! sige sige meron ka sakin hehehehe

  11. THANK YOU PO sa greetings nyoh... thank u! thank u!!! =) have a super day... lab yah'll!!! Godbless! -di =)