God Has a Plan for the Life of Every Person

The one who formed the brilliant stars and made the vast oceans created you out of His great love. His genuine devotion to His children lights the way as we travel through life.

God's love is sincere and constant and knows no boundaries or limits.
Just as each star has its place and course, God has given to each of us a divine purpose, a plan for our lives.

As your guide, He will take you out of confusion and will help you to reach your destiny.

You are worthwhile, significant, and valuable person. Since the beginning of time, there has never been anyone else exactly like you and there never will be again. You're capable of great things and deserve the best.

There is no one who can duplicate of all the attributes that only you can possess. You are precious and are esteemed the most valuable treasure on earth. Generously equipped in both mind and body, you can do miraculous things with your life.

You have extraordinary capabilities and the world can benefit from your many talents. Utilize your full potential to make it better place for yourself and for generations to follow. Everyone has many gifts to offer, find what you are best at and give that gift to others. A talent concealed or not expressed soon dries up and withers away, so extent it out to the world. It is like pebble that is dropped into the ocean, and the countless rings that are formed from its beginning are constantly getting bigger and bigger.

Have a healthy self-respect. God made you very special, so hold a high opinion of your own worth. Exude an air of gentle confidence. People will perceive you as you perceive yourself.

Gentleness is not an absence of power, but a sign of great inner strenght. How you act will determine how people will react to you.

Self-confidence differs from conceit or arrogance. It is calm, serenely poised attitude that dares to achieve the very best.

Do not be afraid. Every noble acquisition has its risk. But you can adjust to any challenge or hardship if you have a desire to overcome. Shake off any mistakes of the day. God gives you new opportunities each morning.

This life is your constant opportunity. Create your own special dreams. Never be convinced that your goals are too high. Let others dig a cave; you can build a castle!

As a child of God, you too, deserve the best; nothing is too good for you. Be what you dream to be and make your life everything you always hoped for.

You have complete control over choices you make, so use wisdom. Choose respect, not ruthlessness. Make sure your choices will benefit not only yourself, but others as well, and your success will be sweet.

Do not listen to those who try to demean you. There will be some who will be jealous of you and who will try to distract you from your dreams.

Be strong. Never allow another person to rob you doing your best to achieve your goals. Believe in yourself; I believe in you.

Just as each star is distinct and one of a kind, so are you. This life is your occasion to shine. So, give out your own radiant light, encouraging and inspiring others, while sharing joy and promise.

This is the dawning of a new day and "A New You."

by: Catherine Galasso-Vigorito
from the book: A New You: Words to Soothe the Mind, Body and Spirit.
Have a Blessed New Year!!!


"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why it's called the present"

p.s. i read that column from a book... i juz wanted to start my new year in a positive way so i posted it. and i also watched kung fu panda earlier at home... i heard dat quote... luv it... so i thought i'd post it as well... =)


  1. DEE!...kaw ha..pasimple ka pa..may bagong post ka na pala....lolz..

    babasahin ko ulit bukas at ng makareact...enimonument kasi dc na nman ako...hehehehe...

    GODBLESS DEE..tnx for the.......


  2. abah kuya EJ ha... masyado ka nang special ahh... umpisang umpisa nang taon eh naka-blank kitah kanina.... kaw pah ang unang hirit koh nang taon.... naks!... naka-blank eh noh... ano kayah 'un?... waha... sige... fill in d' blanks tayoh.... aysowz... 'la naman akong sinabi walah akong post ahh... yeah u can come back anytime... basahin moh or nde i'm glad nah na umepal kah... salamat den sa -------- ------ ... wehe... 'la lang napag-tripan koh lang mag-fill in d' blanks today... GODBLESS! -dee =)

    p.s. pero nde akoh 'ung dee na 'un ha... 'ung sabi moh ha... toinks!

  3. hi mare, salamat sa pagdalaw sa blogness ko, wow ang ganda pala dito sa bahay mow, full of wisdom ang mga post mow, keep it up mare!!happy new year!!

  4. Hi Dhianz!

    Just continue the faith! Kaisa mo ko jan! ;)

  5. buti naman at bumalik ka na.. kala ko tuluyan ka nang mawawala sa blogosperyo... hehe

    Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!

  6. i was gonna reply sa koment nyoh kahapon... but i wasn't in d' mood kc eh... so 'unz... etoh... juz woke up and mejo okz naman nah... so here we go...

    to amorgatory: hi mareng amor... yeah madalas atah akoh mapadaan sa page mula nung unang humirit akoh don.... uy...full of wisdom bah?... hehe...oh yeah dagdadagan moh pa... full of non-sense den at katopakanz... lolz... hay... everytime i see u naalala koh sa mareng MP... hope she's ok... so yeah.... ingatz! =)

    to chyng: yeah kaw den... keep up 'ur faith... so yeah sige... tayoh... keep up our faith no matter wat... kahit yeah sometimes topakz akoh... uy! u have a new post... dieting... naks... sounds exciting... basta mga babae... excited sa ganyang mga topic... lolz... makibasa laterz.. ingatz... =)

    to gillboard: uy salamat sa pag-welcome back moh saken... feeling koh nde naman tlgah akoh nawalah kc sometimes nakikisilip pa ren sa blogsphere... i guess nde pa akoh mawawalah here... magiging palitaw lang siguro minsan if i get bz...but i'm still enjoyin' it here... and still havin' fun bloggin' w/ u guyz kayah i'll stay muna.. nabati na kitah pero sige happy new year uletz... ingatz gillboard... =)

  7. have a blessed new yeah yah'll =)