I Surrender

lyrics by: Leslie Ludy [background song]


Lord I know you see this fear in my heart of what my future holds
I feel you softly ask if I can trust You more and give you control,
so I kneel before you now and I offer everything
Come and be the Lord of all, all I am or ever hope to be

I surrender, I surrender to the One Who loves me more than life
I surrender, I surrender here is my heart I open it wide-
to the One Who cannot be unfaithful
I now offer You all that I am

I surrender, I surrender from this day on I'll be in Your hands

I've been living for myself, and now I want to live for You alone
Come and help me when I'm weak, and when my path seems so unknown
You will be beside me still, I know You want what's best for me
So when I want to take control, Lord please come and help my unbelief

Godbless! -di


  1. i like it!

    i can feel it!

    i surrender... to the lord

  2. amen...

    cast out all our burdens unto Him and he will give Us rest...

    I surrender...

    by the way check out the song I surrender to you by Jeremy Camp..

  3. now, i can safely say na binasa ko to!

    i love it!

    thanks for sharing :)

  4. simple and beautiful...
    i love it...

    i guess i need it more this time, thanks for sharing di:D

  5. hi di!thanks for visiting my site:)
    uhm.very gospel.when we are in need of questions that confuses us..there will always be one God to lean on.I'm happy u r with the Lord.

  6. amen.

    mailagay nga sa fs ko yung kantang yan. :) hehe.. gaya2. :D

  7. sabi nga nila

    "when you feel that you are at you're lowest part point of your life, go back to where you had started..."..and we all had started in His hands....

    thanks for sharing Dhi...

  8. nakakapagdamdamin naman ang iyong tula.. nadurog tuloy ang puso kong bato sa husay ng tema at pagbalangkas.

    bravo.. clap...clap...clap..

  9. ...at ako`y naantig sa kanta...thanks for sharing this...gud day!

  10. soo true sis..thanks for sharing...^__^

  11. amen ganda tc! hope ok k lng...hahaha

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  14. itz my pleasure to share u guyz d' song... naks... may itz my pleasure pang nalalaman... haha... i'm glad u guyz like it... *group hugz* na lang... =)

    thanks neighbor Kosa, Ms. Iyah, sis Azel, ms. Deth, Animus, Marc, sis Kox, sis Jenskee-chan, Alkapon, Jag, sis Jade and kuya DH sa pagdaan and 'ur komentz as well... Godbless!