Lord, I Believe

I had an awesome day. Abah naiba atah ang tema koh? Usually emo. Actually dehinz naman tlgah akoh so emo nah tao eh... hmmm.... lately lang atah?! Ewan koh... nde koh na alam minsan ang katotohanan... yeah i guess kinda emo na not... but lately too much emo... I guess nde naman tlgah akoh everyday emo na tao... but I guess i juz let my emotions control meeh lately.

Eniweiz what changed meeh and made a difference on my day? Well it was the preach of Joel Osteen... i like his message... basically his main message was these three simple words... "Lord I believe"....
I'll share what I learned from his message today... it something that we already know but sometimes it makes a difference if we keep reminding ourselves with these messages.

Trust Him at all times... w/ everything. Sometimes we are in a situation that seemed so hopeless... or we have dreams that seemed so impossible to reach... but never lose hope... like they always say with man it might be impossible but w/ Him everything is possible. Don't settle for what people tell you... don't settle for the natural... instead believe in Him on His Supernatural power. Believe that He can turns things around 'cause He definitely can and believe you'll have in His time whatever your heart is longing for... you just gotta believe. Sometimes naman we are just tryin' to get by... we are tryin' to live our ordinary lives... but God actually has super extraordinary blessings waiting ahead of us. We just gotta believe. Devah ang sarap sarap pakinggan?... pero itz true we just really have to trust Him and believe w/ what He can for us. He can do amazing things for us.

Na-excite lang uletz akoh kc lately i was tryin' to run my life. It gives meeh a headache 'cause i dunno how possible i can reach all d' goals that I have for myself or when can I have all d' desires of my heart. Then it hit meeh it was 'cause I was tryin' to do it myself... na I was tryin' so hard to find a way when all along He is the way. So finally I wanted Him to run my life again.

But it doesn't mean na i'll be perfect... tao pa ren lang akoh... i'll still be emo once in a while... or maybe more than once in a while.. lolz. I'll still be making mistakes... madadapa pa ren akoh at minsan mawawala pa ren akoh sa tamang landas. I'm still gonna have those black and white days... pero no matter wat happens He will always be right there by my side and i'll always be in the palm of His hand and He will always be my comforter and no matter wat happens He will never leave me nor forsake me. I believe He will do the same for my family and all my love ones too and syempre definitely also with all of u guyz and all of 'ur love ones... we just gotta believe in Him.

Oh yeah sometimes too do not worry if you think you made so many mistakes from d' past... you think you're such a sinner... i mean tao lang tayoh.... all those are forgiven. And God is not mad at yah... and actually He's madly in love with yah. Hmmm minsan den i guess we are so caught up with all our ambitions and things that we wanted... preoccupied with all the temporary things na minsan we don't get to enjoy our life and all d' blessings that we have. Actually wala lang... na-excite lang tlgah uletz akoh kay God.

Oh yeah sometimes don't be scared to tell Him kung ano gusto moh and stuff. You can tell Him just about anything. And kapag nagkaroon ka nang relationship sa Kanyah... He's not that serious and scary as some people thought... He can be pretty funny... trust me. He definitely got a sense of humor. It'll be cool too when you start to have a conversation w/ Him. And yon honestly ang isa sa mga na-miss koh... it's like i don't hear so much from Him lately... kc puro sarili koh kausap koh and i let all the wrong thoughts run to my head. And medyo madmeng ungodly things sa yutakz koh lately. Pero i'm gonna try to stop them. Not easy i tell yah... but i believe I can do it w/ His help. "Lord I believe...Kayo nah po bahala sa lahat lahat po. Love you po."

Godbless! -di


  1. trust him and everything will be alright..with Jesus around you nothing to worry..

  2. hi dhiannezzzzzz.. kakapanood ko pa lang sa 2012 at nabasa ko agad tong entry mo.Parang related. Oo sang ayon ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo.

    Base on my own experience, talgang napakabuti Nya sa akin. Uhmm kasi hnd Niya ako pinapabayaan. Nakakatuwa nga kz kung minsan na lugmok ako sa mga problema magdadasal ako and everything will be ok. Sabihin mo sa Knya kung ano ang gusto mo sbihin. Ituri mo Siyaang Dyos mo, Tatay mo, Nanay mo, Kapatid mo , Bestfriend mo o khit anong gusto mo. Dahil pag ginawa mo yun mapaplapit ka sa Kanya at gusto Niya un.

    Dhiannez, wala lang..ahehe. nice post here..

  3. what more can i say...the soo spiritual side of you it is..amen dee amen..

    btw,haweryu? ...i like the "in the end" version u got here..asteeegg!

  4. amen sis....naks naman mukhang nagiging okay ka na ah... sana mag tuloy tuloy na yan(sinabi mo sa akin yang mga words na yan before nung ako yung sad) im just returning the favor... hehehe tama ba grammar ko?

    minsan kasi wen all hell break lose... wala naman tayong pwedeng asahan kundi siya lang...

    kasi siya lang naman ang makakatulong sa atin...

    ingats 'lil sis

    *miss you*

  5. I'm happy that you're enlightened sis :)

    may Papa God bless you always

    ^_^ been busy lately,
    and will be busy in the coming days

    Take care and Godbless


  6. wow! another side of you!

    thanks for this message...

    now, i believe!;)

  7. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.Amen!

  8. to arvin: ---> uy! bihira kah sa earth magkomentz ah... thanks.. i appreciate it... yeah trust Jesus at all times... ingatz =)

    to kikilabotz: ---> what do u want meeh to call yah?.. para may cute nick kah ren... neweiz... i juz saw d' trailer i think yesterday of d' 2012.. dunno if i wanna watch it though... hmmm... yep... all around si God... then anytime... anywhere andyan lang Syah... never have a buzy line... amazing... He's awesome like that... teka.. naaliw naman akoh sau... dmeng zzz ahh... dhiannezzzz... lolz.. hangcute lang.... haha.. ingatz =)

    to kuya EJ: ---> other side of Dee.. parang hannah montana lang eh noh... haha... yeah hangcute nga nung in d' end... nakitah koh lang... i was kinda searchin' for relaxin' music kc.. then i stumbled on dat one... stumbled eh noh.. haha... naaliw lang akoh... oh yeah... am good naman.... thanks for askin'.. napaka-professional na sagot eh noh... lolz... na-miss kitah nang bonggang bongga... ingatz lagi kuyah... =)

    to bro Saul Krisna: ---> yeah maasahan Syah anytime... and i'm so glad too na dehinz ka na so emo as u were before... pero hey kahit naman so emo ang post moh noon eh sobrang nagustuhan koh kc medyo nakarelate lang naman akoh... and kc u were writing from ur heart so ramdam tlgah nang mga readers moh... sensya na nde koh madalas nakakapunta sa mga every entries moh... bawi na lang next time... ayos na kayo ni GF moh devah?... ingatz lagi... =)

    to sis Jen: ---> May Papa God bless you and James always... James tlgah eh noh... ang sosi!.. teka James devah?.. haha... oo nga pansin koh bz ka nga lately... salamat nagparamdam ka pa ren... ingatz lagi kayoh... =)

    to sis Azel: ---> another side of meeh... sabi koh nga kay kuya EJ parang hannah montana lang... lolz... yeah juz always say... "Lord i believe"... ingatz lagi... =)

    to ms. Iyah: ---> lab dat bible verse... trust Him at all times... amen... ingatz lagi... =)

    to not crack: ---> w/ Him everythin' is possible... amen... take care.. =)

    Godbless yah'll! -di