addicted to you
by: dee

ur simple laugh makes me high
ur simple Hi helps me get by
with you I feel like i can fly
you are my light in moonless sky

my day started right cuz of you
you make me daydream out of the blue
you are like a prince in a dream come true
thinking about you is all I wanna do

I dunno why I always feel this way
I dunno how but in my heart you always stay
you are like a rainbow after a rainy day
I always miss you that's all I can say

but you only exist here in my mind
but thinking about you helps me unwind
our every moment is what i love to rewind
I will always love you even only from behind

ps. la lang... natuwa lang akoh gumawa nang poem kanina... la hadik lang minsan eh... lolz... have a nice day folkz.. Godbless! -di


  1. Lovely poem....inspired ah! :)

  2. @marc: syempre! lolz.. anong sagot 'un? haha... ingatz dude... Godbless!

  3. aww..sobrang ganda ng poem mu ate!! i feel it...unrequited love ba ito..? :3

  4. @ayu: hmm nde siguro... i think ramdam nya ren... nd he feels d same way... haha kafal ko... echoz... ingatz sis ayu... Godbless!

  5. naks inspired na inspired ah...

    danda ng thousand miles

  6. @te yanah: inspire-inspiran... lolz... danda bah? new word koh ngaun... danda... lolz... ingatz te... Godbless!

  7. salamat sa pagbisita :) sipag tumula ah. nakalimutan ko na atang sumulat ng ganyan. kulang sa hinspirasyon ahah

  8. Ganda ng tula mo...nilalanggam...hehehe may inspirasyon?

  9. @mots: salamat den po sa pagbisita... oo nga sipag daw bah tumula... nd yeah inspire-inspiran lang hanglola.. lolz.. ingatz po.. =)

    @mokong: nilalangam... nde nga?... san ung langgam? la naman eh... lolz... salamat den sa pagbisita =)

    ingatz u guyz... Godbless! -di