...not easy

...when i miss you
by: dee

i don't like it when i miss you
i feel so sad and so blue
its like my night is not complete
i feel like i'm under ten below feet

you could have at least say hi
so i won't be like this saying sigh
its crazy but i feel so down
can't smile even w/ a clown

i so hate this feeling everytime
cuz all i do is complain and whine
a day w/out you feels so empty
don't like it cuz it makes me unhappy

starting not to like this feeling
cuz all i do is stare at the ceiling
 dunno how my night can get through
if i'm missing you so badly its true

p.s. isang araw pa yang mood na yan... la lang... trip koh lang i post... have a gud day folks... pansin koh nde akoh nagblo-blog lately like nagkukuwento... eh tamad-tamaran lola nyoh eh...btw i appreciate so much ung mga dumadalaw ditoh... luv yah'll... *muwahugz* Godbless! -di


  1. sweet.. ahihihihi

    tke care dee


    i hope whoever that is knows how much u miss him

  2. inlove na inlove ka...pink na pink pa layout... sarap ma-inlove...

  3. Ang cute naman ng poem :]
    I miss writting one too :]
    Maybe soon

  4. @te yanah: thanks te... fan ka na nang poem koh.. haha... feeling eh noh... yah sana nga alam nyah noh... kundi hmp! lolz.. ingats te =)

    @mokong: itz been pink hangblog koh... gusto koh nga sana i change pero eh ung lay out gawa kc nang friend koh... so unz i'd rather not change it... explain daw bah? lol... yup sarap maginlab-inlaban kamo... tc =)

    @marco paolo: sweet bah? salamat po sa compliment... uhh... un lang... ingatz dude! =)

    @renz: salamat salamat... sige write kah soon... pabasa kme ha... salamat sa pagbisita... ingatz! =)

    thank u guyz.. have a nice day... Godbless! -di

  5. love is in the air... anong panama ng Halloween time dito nyahahaha. Peace Out!

  6. waaah!nakakainis yung kanta nakakarelate ako hihihi

  7. @zeb: haha... lab ur hirits... tama! lolz.. naligaw ata ako nang holiday eh... haha...ingatz =)

    @sis jade: oh ung miss u like crazy? eh kasama mo naman ung bebe mo devah? or cuz ur just missing him... hihhee... ingatz =)_

    have a gud day guyz nd Godbless!

  8. happy Halloween~!! XD

    hahaha..i also miss someone ^^

  9. nice poem
    pede ko siguro ialay tong poem na to sa best friend kong kamamtay lng

    visit lng sa pinoy blogger
    have a great day

  10. sweeeeeeeeeeettt...haayysss.... may na-miss ako..may na miss ako.... haaysss... nice post dhi...galing... :)

  11. Mahirap talaga pag may namimiss kang someone...

  12. to poorprince: thanks for liking da poem nd condolence sa friend moh... i believe he's in a better place now.. w/ God... take care =)

    to kuya Bhoyet: i know miss moh syempre ang lab lab moh is ms. beautiful gracia... for sure she feel d' same way... salamat salamat sa kompliment... feelingerang manunula.. haha.. ingatz =)

    to Pareng B: namiss ka nang page koh parekoy... musta nah??? dalaw den akoh sau laterz... ingatz lagi =)

    to Glentot: ba't moh kc akoh namimiss? ahahah.. biro lang parekoy... ingatz wafung glentot.. ayan.. mas kasama pang bola =)

    take care guyz nd Godbless!