ah told u...

pag meron akoh messed up ang mood koh... at etoh ang kinalabasan...

i dunno by: dee

i don't really know why i like you
you're not even close to my ideal guy
it was my heart who fell inlove with you
it's weird so don't bother to ask me why

i dream so many times that you'll be the one
i even pray to God that i hope it's you
the one that i've been waitin for all my life
but now i'm having doubt it'll ever true

sometimes i'm kinda hoping you feel the same way
sometimes i just wanna stop this craziness
sometimes i'm kinda scared to talk to you
sometimes you became d reason of my loneliness

but i feel like this gotta stop
i'm already feeling bad about myself
maybe you'll never feel the same way
maybe i'll just store this feeling on the shelf

i dunno if i'm just feeling down
but writing this makes me wanna cry
i'm about to burst in tears
why everytime i have to say goodbye

can't help the tears from falling
not sure is it because finally i'm letting you go
you'll always be in my heart though
but i'll stay if you tell me so

kalerki hang kadramahan... man!... i was so down when i was writing that... but i'm feeling little better now... kc paalis na ren hangdalaw.. kalerki... have gud day yah'll... Godbless!


  1. Emo naman si Dee...hehehe
    Nice poem!

  2. ganda... emo-emohan...

  3. ooh.. so nice... medio emo lang ng kaunti hehe :D

  4. super emo lately ah?! ikadena mo na yan para di ka na mag emo hehehe

  5. ako na nakakakonek! sige na ako na! XD
    BTW nice poem ha.

  6. Taas ng kamay ng inlab at emo!!!

    Dee, kamay lang di kasama paa. LOL

    weeeeeeeee!!!! emolab.

  7. uso ba ang emo dito? LOL...cheer up kac dumalaw n ako hahaha...

  8. mas nakikita ko ito na hindi siya ka emohan... it is just as simple as expressing your thought yun nga lang ang dating sa iba ay ka-emohan sakin more of a strong phrases na nag papakita ng tunay na nararamdaman ng isang normal na tao.. :D Godbless!

  9. ok lng nmn po pag nag eemo tayo minsan. at leat you are expressing how you feel. love it..

  10. Tama lang yan gawain ko rin dati kapag depressed eh magsulat ng poems.

  11. thanks guyz... nde koh na dadagdagan mga komentz nyoh... maemo lang tlgah minsan... lab lab koh kayoh... *muwahugz* Godbless!