itz better if i juz....

Silently Love You

by: dhianz

I’m here all alone in my room
And all I wanna think about is you
Do you think I'm really that inlove?
Or maybe I just dream of you too much…
…that's why I'm this addicted to you

I'm happy every time you're around
But feel incomplete everytime you're gone
A simple greeting of yours makes my day
I wonder how much more if you say...
…that magic word that I longed for?

I dunno really what’s happening to me
Nor why my heart beats everytime we talk
It's a feeling that I don't really understand
Like sometimes even you hardly say anything...
...I still find myself so excited to talk to you

Love really moves in mysterious ways
Or maybe I’m just really insane
I even have this thought in my mind
If I am allowed to court somebody…
…I would definitely go for you

I think I would be one of a sweet suitor
I would bring you some chocolates and flowers
I could throw a bear with that too if you like
I might even write you a romantic love letter...
... then I would ask you will you be mine?

Maybe I'm really little crazy about you
That's why I was able to write all these thing
But what if I am not the only one?
What if you're feeling the same way too...
…and you're just hiding your real feelings?

But still I have no idea who’s in your heart
Or if I even have a chance with your love
All I know is I have this special thing for you
I guess for now that is more than enough...
...for me to silently love you

ahh napost koh na toh tagal nah... so more likely nabasa na nang iba...
iba naman nde pa so...ahh la lang... i juz wanted to post it agian =)
...ingatz u guyz... Godbless!


  1. inlababo to... :)..hindi ko din sure kung nabasa ko na ito.. pero nice nice... galing ng poem... :)

  2. wow, inlove? keep it up! more poems :) have a nice day!

  3. at napakacheesy :]
    ikaw na po inlove.
    ikaw na talaga :]

  4. bakit puros poetry ka ata ngayon?

  5. kuya SuperG: salamat kuyah.. baka nde moh nabasa nung pinost koh yan... =)

    ate Bhing: nabasa moh yata yan before ateh.. yeah thanks... puro emo poems lang atah akoh eh... take a break muna... lol =)

    @renz: wehe.. cheezy bah... la lang... tagal na yan... eh la lang.. nag-trip ipost uletz... thanks sa compliment =)

    @kuya gilbert: eh la lang... hadik lang.. haha... ingatz ka lagi nd ur kasintahan...=)


  6. mukhang hindi ko ito nabasa dati ha. Siguro eto yung nag hybernate ako sa mundo ng blogging.hehehe. Hay hay Dhi may mga pinaghuhugutan mga post mo kahit dati pa.nyahaha. Godbless!

  7. @zeb: meron nga... ssshhh... lolz... ingatz kuya zeb! =) Godbless!