yeah i think i'm sufferin' from insomia lately... dunno why... ang clock nang katawan koh been so messed up lately.... anyhoo... sorry ang may-ari nang blog na itoh ay been so lazy and been bz lately.... ngaun medyo back to normal daw.... cuz i was so bz studyin' for my national exam this past few months and of course a lot of things happened too these past months but i think my heartache and suffering was exchanged for so much blessings from God... and yeah thank God i passed my exam!!! yey!... God is soo Good so AWESOME! anyhoo... i tried to visit some of you guyz here... some of my fave bloggers... BUT dunno so lazy to read... so i juz though i'd make a blog and talk to myself instead...

oh yeah i remember advice ni Glentot na please paki-separate ang blog koh into paragraphs...so here you go glentot... i'm gonna... pero sori puro dot dot dot pa ren... fine! i'm gonna try to make sentences too.

I'm starting to feel sleepy. But ok i'm still gonna try to keep talking here. Of course my ususal nonsense talk. But hey this is my blog so who cares right? and I can do watever i wanna do. And i can say whatever i wanna say. And i can blog it however i watever way i want... but of course i gotta think of my readers... kung may reader pah... to make it easier for em to read it...

wat is my topic bah? hmmm... i think my brain is not working no more... and yeah i'm starting to feel sleepy. Yeah... hmmm....  almost 3 am nah in my world... wow i started yawning... awesome! it means nakakatulong tong pagsusulat koh ditoh sa blog koh.. pretty cool!...

Eniweiz before akoh makatulog na nang tuluyan here. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you guyz who's been there for me kahit through words lang and through your advices lang ditoh sa blog koh... just wanted to say i appreciate it ... especially those people who leave some koments on my last entry...sorry di na akoh nakapagreply back to some of u guyz.... again... been lazy and been bz and i was an emotional wreck nung past months.... but glad to say thank God i'm ok now... maybe i'm still on the healing process but i accepted it... forgiven whoever hurt me... and yeah i thank God and to all those people who were there for me during those tough times... and especially God of course because He was my strenght... and He gave so much blessings latey and its so awesome!!! GOD IS SO AWESOME!!! juz wanna say that...

aight i think i better sleep... i better turn my computer off and sleep....

before i do that juz wanted to say a 'lil prayer...

"Dear God, thank you po sa lahat nang blessings moh lately...  i appreciate it po... I love you so much po and kau na po bahala sa family koh and all my love ones... we are in the palm of Your hand and i know You will never leave us nor forsake us... i know You love us so much and I do too... I love you Dear God w/ all of my heart, soul, mind and strength... and I pray all these in Jesus Name. Amen"

aight folkz... nite nite... i'm not even gonna bother rereading my blog... sa mga typo errors or any grammar error or watever error pakiintindi na lang... aight... much love to all of yah... Godbless!

my life verse and been my favorite verse and been my verse lately:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -Philippians 4:13

Much Love ---dhianz =)


  1. Sleep time tea is awesome for me. :-)

  2. haha. Happens to me sometimes.

  3. naku ganyan din ako for the past 4 years! nyahaha!
    pero now sinisimulan ko ang morning ko ng may physical activities like jogging and sometimes gym. para pagdating sa gabi mapipilitan ako matulog ng maaga : )

    i dunno but it helps me alot. sa sleep kasi nag iimprove ang body ng katawan natin. : )

  4. and youre back Dee!!! ngayon ko lang napansin:)

    well, sabi nga nila balance:) konting padyak-konting semplang- babalanse din yan, sabi nga nila ang buhay ay parang pagsakay ng bisekleta, para may balanse, kailangan keep going:)

  5. Huy insomia! Leave her alone. :D